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"This book is truly a magnum opus, a labour of love, and a great work of scholarship. It is authoritative, detailed, thorough, superbly illustrated, well referenced, and all-encompassing. There is no nook or cranny of the history of astronomical photography or its proponents that has not been investigated, noted, and embellished with a relevant image. It is worth every single cent of its price. It is an essential addition to every astronomy library. Anyone with even a vague interest in the development of astrophysics will need to have this book to hand; it is a vital and reliable starting place for any historical research into the last two centuries of astronomical endeavour." Professor David W. Hughes, 'Observatory' magazine, February 2015. Read Full Review Here:

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Imaging the diverse bodies to found in our Solar System, its planets, asteroids, comets, natural satellites and meteors proved to be a difficult challenge for the pioneers of Astrophotography.
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Come visit 'Catcher' our colourful and vibrant Blog. Learn more about Astrophotography, its Historyand the pioneers who made it all possible.

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Recent Blogs have included a piece on William Parsons, 3rd Earl of Rosse and how his story is that of a Real 'Downton Abbey', the Story of God's astronomer - Father Pietro Angelo Secchi, Ten Famous Astronomical Photographs and the Leprechaun's Guide to Digital Photography - the true story of how the CCD camera was invented.

IV.0 Solar System Astrophotography
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IV.0 Solar System Astrophotography
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Part IV
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Includes all five chapters on the Solar System Astrophotography:
  • I.1: John Adams Whipple;
  • I.2: William Usherwood;
  • I.3: Pierre Paul Henri & Mathieu Prosper Henri
  • I.4: Maximilian Franz Joseph Cornelius Wolf;
  • I.5: Imaging the Solar System.
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Number of Pages: 146
Number of Snippet Panels: 128
Number of Photographs/Illustrations: 171 
Number of Notes/References: 214
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The Author would also like to thank: Lord Egremont, Jay M. Pasachoff, Roberta J. M. Olson and the late Martha L. Hazen, Peter Franklin (2x Great Grandson) and his mother Patricia Franklin (Great Grand Daughter), descendents of William Usherwood; Ted Stryk, Ron Wodaski and his 'CCD Calc' software program,, the Astrophysical Journal, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, the Bergen Museum, the Boston Athenaeum, the British Astronomical Association, Carl Zeiss of Jena the Heidelberg Observatory, the Harvard College Observatory, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Lick Observatory, the Lowell Observatory, Academie des Sciences Francaise,, the Cote d’Azur Observatory, the Lyon Observatory, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; the Mount Wilson Observatory, the National Records and Administration, Washington D.C.; the New York Times, the Paris Observatory, the Paris Observatory Museum, the Royal Astronomical Society of London, the Yerkes Observatory of the University of Chicago,, the London Metropolitan Archives, MAPCO, the Ordnance Survey, NASA for the use of the following items: text extracts from original sources, genealogical information, photographs, maps, drawings and illustrations included in this eBook.
IV.0 Solar System Astrophotography
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Includes all five chapters on 'Solar System Astrophotography', i.e. John Adams Whipple, William Usherwood, Paul Henry & Prosper Henry, Max Wolf and Imaging the Solar System. Buy at a discounted price.

Dr. Stefan Hughes began his career as a professional astronomer, gaining a 1st Class Honours degree in Astronomy from the University of Leicester in 1974 and his PhD four years later on the 'Resonance Orbits of Artificial Satellites due to Lunisolar Perturbations', which was published as a series of papers in the Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. After graduating he became a Research fellow in Astronomy, followed by a spell as a lecturer in Applied Mathematics at Queen Mary College, London. Then came a ten year long career as an IT Consultant. In 'mid life' he spent several years retraining as a Genealogist, Record Agent and Architectural Historian, which he practiced for a number of years before moving to the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, where for the past ten years he has been imaging the heavens, as well as researching and writing the 'Catchers of the Light' - A History of Astrophotography.

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